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Location, Climate

Adrasan, or Cavuskoy, is a small coastal town in Kumluca, Antalya, Turkey. With both its nature and susceptibility for water sports, it has grown popular as a tourist destination. It has a long, clean and lovely coastline and friendly locals. Perfect for a quiet vacation in the great nature. The climate in Adrasan is a Mediterranean. Summers are very hot, winters are rainy and windy. There are lovely hotels in Adrasan and they offer the best hotel rates if you make hotel reservations in advance. Other accommodation opportunities are tree houses, bungalows, boutique hotels in Adrasan. You can always find cheap hotels there if you have a limited budget. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Adrasan hotels!

Brief History

Adrasan has a longstanding history. The first settlement in the area is thought to date from the antiquity but the first document about the existence of Adrasan (Atrasas at the time) was recorded around 1400 AD. After the Turkish conquered Alanya, Igdir was established as a town and three clans of the Oghuz Turks settled here. Today, it's part of the most famous tourist destination in Turkey, Antalya, during the summer season.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Fishing is the most popular activity in Adrasan so you don't forget to bring your fishing gear with you. You can rent a boat and fish in the immense blue sea of Adrasan. It has a bay surrounded by pine trees. It's also suitable for water sports. Its crystal clean waters make it possible to see up to 30m underwater. Surfing and water skiing are other activities you can do. Nature walks are exciting as the pine forests offer a quiet relaxation for you. Patara, Letoon Ancient City, Olympos and Phaselis Ancient City are other attractions in and around Adrasan. You can see these landmarks by booking Adrasan hotel deals.


The closest international airport to Adrasan is Antalya Airport which is located in the city center of Antalya. The trip from Adrasan to Antalya takes nearly 1,5 hours. If you rent a car, it will be more comfortable for you to get to Adrasan. Buses are also available to Adrasan, called “Adrasan Tour” and you can find them at the coach station. Buses run twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Find cheap hotels in Adrasan nearby public transportation.