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Hotels in Alanya

Location, Climate

Alanya which was once called Alaiye is one of the most popular sea side resorts in Turkey. Alanya is situated in the region of Pamphylia along the southern Mediterranean coast and it is a popular district in the city Antalya. Alanya enjoys plenty of sunshine all year-round, but the peak season is between the summer months of May and August. Book your cheap Alanya hotel in advance for the best choice. Hotels close to Kleopatra beach are always in great demand. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Alanya hotels!

Brief History

Alanya served as a refuge for different empires during the early years including the Roman, Ptolemaic, Ottoman, Seleucid and Byzantine. During the middle Ages, the Sultanate of Seljuk under the command of Kayqubad I made a huge impact on Alanya's politics and named the city. He created many important landmarks in the city such as Alanya Castle, the Red Tower and Shipyard.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Experience the culture of Alanya by join    ing its festivals including the Tourism and Art Festival and the International Culture and Art Festival both of which are held in May. The Alanya Jazz Days held during September or October are also popular. The most-visited area in Alanya is the Citadel Hill which is where you can find Alanya Castle, Byzantine church and the lighthouse. While you are in Alanya, do find time to visit the remarkable Damlatas Cave which also has medical properties and is said to help with Asthma. Other sites that are worth tearing yourself away from the beach for are the Red Tower, Seljuk Dockyard and the Syedra ruins. A day trip to Dim Çay alongside the river is also recommended. Explore more of the city by choosing cheap hotels in Alanya. Find the right Alanya hotels for you at as it offers the best select    ion reservations and lowest rates in cheap hotels.


The cheapest way to get around Alanya is to use the local dolmus (mini-bus) these stop where you want, rather like a hop on hop off bus.

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