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Location, Climate

After you make your Aruba hotel reservations, it is best for you to know better about where you are going. So, here are the facts about Aruba. Aruba is an island, located on the south of the Carribean Sea, also between Venezuela coast and Colombia peninsula. The pristine beach island has a tropical climate. So, the most rainfall occurs between October and January. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Aruba hotels.

Brief History

Alonso de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci were two Spanish explorers were the first people and Europeans discovering the island in the summer of 1499. Aruba was colonized by Spain for more than a hundred years. Alonso was named as the first Governor of Spain in Aruba in 1508.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

There are many Aruba city hotels in its most popular districts, offering you an unforgettable vacation. There are also some other things which will amaze you here. This is a very popular tourist island offering you great beaches. You can relax on the beach listening and dancing to soul music or spend the night on the beach partying hard. This happens mostly during the Soul Beach Music Festival, held every May during the Memorial Day weekend. You will see the best beach parties ever and listen to different local and international music, during this event. The main attraction in Aruba is the Natural Bridge, but there are other great sights on the island, worth seeing and exploring, such as the Gothic Chapel of Alto Vista, Aruba Butterfly Farm, Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum, and the Numismatic Museum of Aruba. You can see these landmarks by booking Aruba hotel deals. Explore more of the city by choosing cheap hotels in Aruba. Find the right Aruba hotels for you at as it offers the best selection reservations and lowest rates in cheap hotels. While in Aruba you can also visit some other popular cities such as Palm Beach and Oranjestad.


If you search for discount hotels in Aruba, you search for the best way to travel here. Renting a car is necessary on the island. It is both comfortable and cheap. You can also rent a taxi to take you everywhere. There are also buses you can use, but they are not so frequent. Find cheap hotels in Aruba nearby public transportation.