Cheap Hotels in Bath

Hotels in Bath

Location, Climate

Bath was named a World Heritage Site because of its Roman period baths and hot springs. This historic city can be found in Somerset, South West England and experiences a temperate climate. Summers in Bath ranges from being warm to cloudy. The best time to book a cheap hotel in Bath is during spring season when the weather is mild and the gardens are in full bloom. Find a wide selection of cheap hotels in Bath online. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Bath hotels.

Brief History

The Celtic goddess Sulis consider the three hot springs sacred and they were soon identified with Roman goddess Minerva. Bath was named a sacred spa site when the Roman settlement expanded around the thermal springs and became a luxury resort when they discovered the bath complex remains during the 18th century.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

The month of June is a good time to visit Bath because of its huge events including the Queen's Jubilee Picnic in the Park, Iford Arts Festival and the Bath Motor Pageant. A trip to Bath won't be complete without seeing the Roman Baths and the Bath Abbey. After a trip there, you can visit the Pulteney Bridge and Pulteney Weir where you can do some shopping too. You can see these landmarks by booking Bath hotel deals. If you are in Bath and have a few extra hours we strongly recommend your to visit Bibury that is a small place looking like a Hobbit village.


It is easy to walk around the city center, but watch out for vehicles since most shopping streets are not pedestrian-friendly. The most used public transportation is the “Park and Ride” buses which covers most of the city, but there are also tour buses located at the Bog Island main bay or near the Bath Abbey. Find cheap hotels in Bath nearby public transportation.