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Hotels in Belfast

Location, Climate

Belfast is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. It is situated west of Belfast Lough and at the estuary of River Lagan. Belfast has a fairly temperate climate with rainfalls occurring between August and January so avoid booking cheap hotels during those months if you don't want to get soaked up. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Belfast hotels.

Brief History

The name of the city was derived from the Irish word “Beal Feirsde” which means “mouth” (beal) and “sandbar” (feirsde). When put together, it means “(river) mouth of the sandbar” where the original settlement was developed.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Belfast is a wonderful place to visit especially between July and September when most of the festivals are held including the Rose Week Festival, Belfast Pride, Carnival Parade, West Belfast Community Festival and Jazz in the Garden. The most touristic area in Belfast is the city center where one can find the Donegall Square where the Belfast City Council resides. Make sure to include the Belfast Castle, Grand Opera House, City Hall and Queen's University in your must-see attractions. Kids would surely have a blast at the W5 Interactive Science Centre and Belfast Zoo. You can see these landmarks by booking Belfast hotel deals. If you have extra time, it will be better to see Dublin too, which takes about 2 hours to go from Belfast.


Belfast is a pedestrian-friendly city so walking around the city can be a good experience. You can also choose to ride a bicycle since there are several bike lanes in the city. Renting a car gives you the freedom to get around the city. Taxis would be more convenient and affordable too. Find cheap hotels in Belfast nearby public transportation.