BP Grand Tower Hotel

74 Sanehanusorn Rd., Haadyai, Songkhla, Hat Yai

  • BP Grand Tower Hotel
  • BP Grand Tower Hotel
  • BP Grand Tower Hotel
  • BP Grand Tower Hotel
  • BP Grand Tower Hotel


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BP Grand Tower Hotel is a 3 star hotel.

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* Discover the combination of both local and international cuisine including beverages with an expert at mixing cocktails serving at the Hotel's coffee shop and restaurant. Enjoy live music and rest yourself at wine bars in the Cocktail lounge and karaoke rooms provided for both private and group purposes. Favorably impress with Chinese exotic cuisine at the Chinese restaurant and karaoke catering for banquets, weddings and parties.

* Elegantly appointed guest rooms and individually appointed suites are fully furnished with a full range of facilities. 247 rooms including 45 suites Room Features PLUS other modern amenities, In-house video, satellite and cable television, IDD telephone service, In-room mini refrigerator, mini-bar, highly standard keycard locking system, in-room full sprinkle system, in-room hair dryer, long bath with shower and long bath with separate shower cubicle.

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