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Hotels in Brno

Location, Climate

Brno is a lovely city in the historical region of Moravia in Czech Republic. It is situated in the convergence of Svratka river and Svitava river. The climate of Brno is basically moderate with plenty of rainfalls. Avoid booking cheap hotels between May and August, which are the wettest months in the city. Book online to avail of cheap room rates and other hotel promos. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Brno hotels.

Brief History

The area of Brno has been occupied since the prehistoric era, but its direct ancestor was the Stare Zamky of the Great Marovia Empire who stayed in the city from the Neolithic Age to the 11th century. A castle was built for the Prince of the Premyslid dynasty during the 11th century which made it an important center in Moravia.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Hundred thousands of visitors travel to Brno every month of May to watch the amazing Ignis Brunesis which means “Flame of Brno”. This amazing firework competition showcases some of the best pyrotechnics in the world. Marvel over Brno's marvelous structures including the Spilberk Castle, Petrov Cathedral, Church of St. James and the Old Town Hall. There are also lots of beautiful squares and parks in Brno that are perfect for strolling and hanging out such as the Freedom Square, Moravian Square, Denis Gardens and Luzanky Park. You can see these landmarks by booking Brno hotel deals. You can also pay a visit to Olomouc and see this city's beautiful historical sites. It is the second oldest preservation zone in the country.


There are plenty of choices in public transportation in Brno: you can choose to take the train, bus, tram or trolleybus. Avail of short transfer ticket or long transfer ticket at any vending machine at tram and bus stops as well as the railway station counter. Find cheap hotels in Brno nearby public transportation.

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