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Hotels in Casablanca

Location, Climate

Casablanca is the largest city both in Morocco and the region of Maghreb. Its location along the Atlantic Ocean gives it a mild Mediterranean climate. Casablanca receives adequate rainfall all-year round, but those who prefer a drier season should book a cheap hotel between May and September. Find a wide select   ion of cheap hotels online. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Casablanca hotels.

Brief History

The first settlers of Casablanca were the Berbers who stayed in that area around 7th century BC. This city served as a port under the reign of the Phoenicians and the Romans. Ancient Casablanca was originally called Anfa which used to be a small independent kingdom during the Roman period.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

If you love jazz music, then you should definitely attend the Jazz Festival in Casablanca which is usually held during months of May and June. Some of the best European and local jazz musicians perform in a series of concerts and join    music competitions. Casablanca takes pride of having the largest mosque in the country which is The King Hassan II Mosque. The most touristic area in Casablanca is The Corniche where you can find many night clubs, restaurants, fast food chains, seafront cafes, upscale hotels and a movie theater. If you want to explore the surroundings we recommend you to visit the nearest popular destinations to Casablanca which are El Jadida and Rabat. You can see these landmarks by booking Casablanca hotel deals.


Casablanca is compact city which makes it easy to explore on foot, but make sure to bring a map. Buses are cheap and cover most of the city, but watch out for pickpockets. The red taxis are also affordable, but make sure to ask the drive to run the meter. Avoid the white Mercedes Grand taxis because they are more expensive. You can find cheap hotels in Casablanca via