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Location, Climate

Croatia has a lot of amazing cities and tourist destinations, but Cavtat is truly one of its finest pearls. Although not many people know about Cavtat, the city manages to attract thousands of tourists each year. It is located on the southern part of the country, but the Dalmatian shore is possibly at its best here. The town is not far away from Dubrovnik (15 km away), one of the most visited cities in Croatia. It is also the center of the Konavle municipality. The climate of the region is typically Mediterranean: hot, long and dry summers, followed by mild and rainy winters. If you are visiting in summertime, make sure to take your sun protection lotion with you, since the sun rays are powerful here and you could get skin burns. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Cavtat hotels!

Brief History

The city was founded by Greeks during the 6th century BC. Back then it was known under the name Epidaurus, but the Illyrians – who lived in the surrounding area – called the city Zaptal. Epidaurus was conquered by the Romans in 228 BC. Then, as the Roman Empire declined, the Slavs and the Avars almost destroyed the city during the 7th century. The region remained uninhabited until the Middle Ages, when it was re-established and controlled by the powerful Republic of Ragusa. The current name of the city has ancient origins and proves its connection with Dubrovnik. It comes from Civitas Vetus, which means Old City in Latin.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Cavtat’s beautiful Old Town is a must see for everyone who visits the city. Some tourists describe it as being “the best tourist destination ever”, because it has everything a tourist could ask for, from beautiful beaches to hotels, history, culture, and shopping centers. The entire area of the Old Town is absolutely stunning and many people consider the city as being a Croatian pearl. Other landmarks include the Cavtat cemetery, which contains the mausoleum of the Ravcic family, the Vlaho Bukovac House, the Church of Our Lady in the Snow and many more. You can see these landmarks by booking Cavtat hotel deals.


The city is located only 30 minutes away from beautiful Dubrovnik, which can be reached via taxi, bus or ferry (ferry lines have links to other Croatian ports such as Split, Zadar, or Rijeka). The closest airport is in Dubrovnik. Find cheap hotels in Cavtat nearby public transportation.