Chiang Mai Hotels

Hotels in Chiang Mai

Location, Climate

Chiang Mai is an excellent place to visit Thailand because of its diverse attractions. Dubbed as the “Rose of the North”, Chang Mai is situated along Ping River and surrounded by spectacular mountains and lovely countryside. The weather in Chiang Mai is less humid and cooler than other Thai cities. Chiang Mai experiences monsoons so avoid booking cheap hotels between August and September which have the heaviest rain falls. Book a cheap hotel between March to May to enjoy the summer heat. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Chiang Mai hotels.

Brief History

Kind Mengrai discovered Chiang Mai in 1296 and was named the capital of Lannathai Kingdom replacing Chiang Rai. The city lost its significance during the downfall of the kingdom and was occupied mostly by the Thais and Burmese before it became part of Siam.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

The city of Chiang Mai goes in full bloom every February and to appreciate the beauty of the flowers, make sure to catch the colorful floats made up of flowers during the Flower Festival. Chiang Mai possesses some of the most beautiful temples in Thailand including the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Liam and Wat Chedi Luang. There are also attractions suited for children such as the Chang Mai Zoo and Chang Mai Night Safari. You can see these landmarks by booking Chiang Mai hotel deals. The nearest popular destination nearby Chiang Mai is Lampang. If you want to see surroundings, you can visit there.


The old town can be easily explored on foot, but many prefer riding the bicycle. You can also choose to rent a bike or a scooter which are both easy to ride, cheap and gives you the freedom to explore any place. Those who prefer to just sit down and relax can take the taxi or tuk-tuks. Find cheap hotels in Chiang Mai nearby public transportation.