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Hotels in Cordoba

Location, Climate

Cordoba or Cordova is an ancient city in southern Spain. It is situated on the riverbanks of Guadalquivir and near the Sierra Morena. It is close to Sevilla, Huelva and Granada. The climate of Cordoba is Mediterranean with influences from the Atlantic Coast. Avoid booking a cheap hotel between December and February if you don't want to get soaked during your vacation. Book online to get the best deals in cheap hotels. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Cordoba hotels!

Brief History

Traces of human existence in Cordoba dates back around 32,000 BC with the discovery of Neanderthal Man remains. A pre-urban settlement emerged in Cordoba during the Tartessos period in the 8th century BC. General Hamilcar Barca expanded the Carthage reaching the Guadalquivir river and called that area “Kartuba” which means “The City of Juba”. The Romans conquered Cordoba in 206 BC.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Celebrate the merry month of May in Cordoba as it hosts several festivals during that time including the Feria de Cordoba, Cruces de Mayo, Cata de Vino-Montilla Moriles and Festival de Patios which features lots of drinking, dancing and partying. The most iconic landmark in Cordoba is The Mezquita which is a spectacular mosque and now a cathedral. After visiting The Mezquita, head to the Old City to see many historical attractions including the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, Roman Bridge, Museum of Al-Andalus Life, Calleja de las Flores and the Synagogue. You can see these landmarks by booking Cordoba hotel deals.


Cordoba is a great place to walk around because most attractions are concentrated within the Old City. To reach other destinations, head to the bus and train station near the Plaza de las Tendillas and Avenida de America. Find cheap hotels in Cordoba nearby public transportation.

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