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Hotels in Dakar

Location, Climate

Located on the Cap Vert Peninsula, Dakar is the capital city and also the largest city of Senegal. The country is situated on the Western skirts of the African Continent, neighbouring Mauritania, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. The climate in Dakar is generally warm; here you’ll find a semi-arid climate which features two main seasons: a short rainy season from July to October, and a longer, dry season from November to June. The average temperature is constant between the two seasons, ranging between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. Like with many other African countries, there is a notable difference in temperature between day and night, although during the dry season the night temperatures are quite comfortable. It is believed that Dakar has the best climate in all Western Africa because it is cooled all year round by ocean breezes. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Dakar hotels!

Brief History

Before it was occupied by the Portuguese, the Dakar region was inhabited by the Lebou people (15th century). Dakar’s history is connected to three main players: the Portuguese, the Netherlands, and the Jolof Empire. The area was used extensively by Europeans in the slave trade. The slave trade was abolished by France in 1794, but it wasn’t until 1872 that Goree (including Dakar) was recognised as a French commune. Urbanization followed, marked by racial and social segregation which continue to structure the city up to this day. At its peak, Dakar was one of the most important cities in the French Empire; the city’s port and railway facilities attracted numerous industrial investments. Nowadays Dakar is an important financial centre and an international research centre.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Main touristic attractions in Dakar include major markets, the Dakar Grand Mosque, Dakar Cathedral, the Goree Island, the IFAN Museu, Hann Park, and the modern African Renaissance Monument (a 49 metres tall bronze monument). Dakar is part of the Organisation of World Heritage Cities. Here is also the ending point of the traditional Dakar rally, an off-road rally which was first organised in 1978. You can see these landmarks by booking Dakar hotel deals.


The city is served by the Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport. The Airport was named after the country’s most notable writers; Senghor wrote both in his native language and in French. As for public transportation, it is unreliable and uncomfortable; the Car Rapide is a common mode of transportation, but taxis are also available. Insofar as the latter are concerned, their fares are negotiable because most taxis are broken or missing. Find cheap hotels in Dakar nearby public transportation.

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