Derya Deniz Hotel 3star

Merkez Mahallesi Liman Caddesi no. 31 Kemer

Derya Deniz Hotel is a 3 star hotel.

By staying at Derya Deniz Hotel, you will be close to many attraction and landmarks such as Phaseliss Antique City.

If you're wondering what to do outside of the accommadation place, you can get relaxed on Adrasan Beach, join others experiencing Aquapark, learn the history and culture in Khimaera, go jogging at Juruk Tents Park, shop in Goynuk Shopping District or spice your night up in Arena Disco.

While staying at Derya Deniz Hotel, you can take the advantage of the Beach Front. You can also enjoy Swimming Pool. Moreover, Derya Deniz Hotel's Internet Access serves you for your business purposes.

Available hotel room facilities include Balcony / Terrace and Television for your convenience.

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