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Hotels in Havana

Location, Climate

Havana is the capital of Cuba and also the largest Caribbean city. The city consists of three main harbours namely Guanabacoa, Marimelena and Atares. The climate of Havana is sub-topical and is warm all year round. Book your cheap Havana hotel online for the best rates and selection of Havana hotels. Nacional de Cuba Hotel is a fabulous historic hotel which has been in existence for over 80 years. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Havana hotels.

Brief History

A Spanish conquistador discovered the city of Havana in 1515 and it became trading port during the early years, but suffered attacks from French corsairs, pirates and buccaneers. Havana was granted the city title in 1592 given by King Phillip II and continued to progress during the 17th century.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Havana is not only famous for its cigars and rums; it also has some of the most colourful festivals in Cuba such as the Carnival which is held every July. Thousands of locals and tourists gather during the Carnival to catch a glimpse of the street parades, colourful costumes, extravagant shows and live music. The most-visited landmark in the city is the Havana Vieja, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many interesting sites found in this area such as the Cathedral, National Capitol Building, Morro Castle, Fort of Saint Charles and Malecon Avenue. You can see these landmarks by booking Havana hotel deals. If you have extra time in Cuba, we suggest you to visit Varadero to enyoj a wonderful blue sea and a long beach with white sands.


It is best to explore the Old Town on foot. Bici-taxis are a fun way to experience Havana. Buses are crowded. Ferries ply between Havana to Regla and Casablanca. To travel by train, foreigners need to buy their tickets from the La Coubre Train Station. Find cheap hotels in Havana close to public transportation stations.

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