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Holiday Inn Express Evanston

1965 Harrison Drive 82930 Evanston

Holiday Inn Express Evanston is a 2 star hotel.

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* You can start off your day with a delicious Express Start Breakfast served at the breakfast room that features hot fresh cinnamon rolls plus a wide variety of other breakfast favourites.

* Guests using their own modes of transportation can make use of the ample parking space available at the premises. Leisure facilities include a health and fitness centre, whirlpool, an indoor swimming pool and others.

* The hotel offers comfortable accommodation units that range from beautiful spacious rooms.

While we strive to present hotel information as accurately as possible, is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the Holiday Inn Express Evanston.

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  • Map & Area Info
  • Salt Lake City International Airport
    80 miles
  • Bear River State Park & Riverwalk
    2 miles
  • Purple Sage Golf Course
    0.5 mile
  • Wyoming Downs paramutual Horse Racing
    10 miles
  • Historic Downtown
    2 miles
  • Evanston Museum
    2 miles
  • Mirror Lake
    50 miles
  • Park City Skiing
    60 miles
  • Movie Theatres
    5 miles
  • Fireside Bowling Lane
    5 miles
  • Evanston Recreation Center
    3 miles