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Holiday Inn Express Montrose-townsend

1391 South Townsend Avenue 81401 Montrose

Holiday Inn Express Montrose-townsend is a 2 star hotel.

While staying at Holiday Inn Express Montrose-townsend, you can take the advantage of the Internet Access.

Available hotel room facilities include High-Speed Internet for your convenience.

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* The Express Start Breakfast Bar serves you a delicious and energetic breakfast and sets you up for the day's activities.

* There are 3 well-organised meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 300 guests when you host a social function or any other event.

* You can utilise the services of a well packed fitness room and the sparkling swimming pool to relieve your stress and refresh yourself.

* All 122 rooms are spacious and well-furnished with required standard elements to ensure you a comfortable stay.

While we strive to present hotel information as accurately as possible, is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the Holiday Inn Express Montrose-townsend.

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