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Hotels in Hurghada

Location, Climate

Hurghada is a well-known resort town in Egypt. It is situated in the region of the Red Sea Coast and features a subtropical desert climate. Hurghada's weather ranges from hot summers to mild winters. If you want to avoid the scorching heat, book a cheap hotel during months of March, April and November when the weather is comfortably warm. Find a wide selection of cheap hotels online. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Hurghada hotels.

Brief History

Hurghada was discovered during the early 20th century. The city started its transformation into becoming a premiere seaside resort during the 1980s with the efforts made by both foreign investors and the Egyptians. Most of the hotels and holiday villages in Hurghada today offers water sports facilities to cater to its guests.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

The most popular event in town is the Hurghada International Festival which is held every February. This 12-day sports festival gathers hundreds of participants competing for the triathlon and the newly added free run. Enjoy the sun, sand and sea by visiting Hurghada's lovely beaches including the tourist favorites Chill Beach and Old Vic Village Beach. Those who enjoy diving should definitely check out the marine attractions at the Big and Small Giftun Islands. If you love the underwater world but don't want to get wet, then enjoy the exhibits at The Aquarium. You can see these landmarks by booking Hurghada hotel deals. Also if you have extra time in Hurghada you should visit Makadi Bay, Soma Bay and Luxor, the closest cities to Hurghada.


The main public transports in Hurghada are the micro buses or mini vans which are quite cheap, but can get really crowded. Make sure to ask the driver its destination to avoid confusion. Taxis are easy to find, but negotiate a price first before jumping in. Find cheap hotels in Hurghada nearby public transportation.