Kowloon Hotels

Hotels in Kowloon

Location, Climate

Kowloon is situated on the northern part of Hong Kong and surrounded by several mountains representing the legendary nine dragons. Kowloon has a subtropical climate which makes it pleasant to visit during late autumn and early winter. Book your cheap Kowloon hotel online for the best choice of Kowloon hotels. The Cosmo Hotel Mongkok has a great location and is a popular choice for stays in Kowloon. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Kowloon hotels.

Brief History

The Five Great Clans settled in Kowloon and Hong Kong during the 12th century. They built walled cities to protect the area from the pirates. The modern history of Kowloon began around 160 years ago when the British desperately tried to convince the Chinese into trading with them. Conflicts between the British and the Chinese led to the Opium War.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

To experience the biggest celebrations in Kowloon, make sure to be there in December when the Winter Festival and the Chinese New Year are held. During these two events, families and friends wear new clothes and gather to celebrate, dine, drink and watch the firework displays. For sightseeing in Kowloon, head to Tsim Sha Tsui where you can find many popular attractions such as the Avenue of the Stars, Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Sogo Department Store. You can see these landmarks by booking Kowloon hotel deals.


Even if Kowloon has some of the best roads in Hong Kong, it is still not advisable to drive a car because of the traffic and lack of parking. The best choice is the MRT since they are faster and cheaper. The subways and ferries are also an invaluable way to get around since Hong Kong is made up on many Islands and headlands. Find cheap hotels in Kowloon nearby public transportation.