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Location, Climate

The state capital of Pahang, Kuantan is the ninth largest city in Malaysia and the largest one on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It's also the second biggest port in the country. The climate in Kuantan is a tropical rainforest climate. There are two major seasons: dry and hot. Kuantan offers a wide range of hotels as well. You can find many cheap hotels or discounted hotels in Kuantan. If you make your hotel reservations in advance, you'll take advantage of the best hotel rates in Kuantan hotels. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Kuantan hotels!

Brief History

The history of Kuantan is a long-standing one. It is thought to have been a part of Chih-Tu Empire. In the 11th century, Kuantan was controlled by Pheng-Kheng Empire, and, one century later, it was taken by the Siamese. By the beginning of the 19th century, Chinese has seen the mining potential in the nearby areas and started a settlement here. Rubber plantations in Malaysia attracted Indian people as well. Today, Kuantan as a SEZ attracts many investors and has a developing economy.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Kuantan has great beaches for those who love lying on the beach and enjoying the sun to the fullest. Teluk Cempedak, Beserah and Balok are some of the lovely beaches in Kuantan. Black Stone Beach is a special beach, it's aesthetically pleasant and different from other sandy beaches of Kuantan with its black stones. Panching Caves are a must-see. You can also see a large Buddha statue there. Gelora Park, located 3 km away from Kuantan, is a great place to take part in many activities like jogging, dance, tennis, beach volley etc. Try salted fish or dried fish crackers. Seafood is great in Kuantan. There are a few nightclubs in Kuantan for late-night entertainment. But hotel bars are generally open until late. You can see these landmarks by booking Kuantan hotel deals.


Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport Is located 9 km from Kuantan and offer only domestic flights. Firefly Airlines offer direct flights to Kuantan from Singapore. Long distance buses depart from Terminal Sentral Kuantan. You can rent a car and get to Kuantan easily. While getting around in Kuantan, taxis and buses are available. Find cheap hotels in Kuantan nearby public transportation.

Swiss Garden in Kuantan
Swiss Garden

Swiss Garden is a 3 star hotel. The Facility is 2 km from Kuantan city center.


$ 73,00

Zenith Kuantan in Kuantan
Zenith Kuantan

Zenith Kuantan is a 5 star hotel. The Facility is 2 km from Kuantan city center.


$ 105,00