Langkawi Hotels

Hotels in Langkawi

Location, Climate

Langkawi is one of a group of 104 islands in Northern Malaysia which is separated by the Malacca Straits from the mainland. The archipelagos generally experience a hot, humid and tropical climate which makes Langkawi a great place to visit any time of the year. The wettest months are August and September. Book your cheap Langkawi hotel online for the best choice. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Langkawi hotels.

Brief History

The name of Langkawi was derived from two words: “Helang” which means “eagle” in Malaya since there are numerous eagles residing in this place; and “Kawi” which means “marble” in Sanskrit because there were lots of marbles found in this area.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

If you are a lover of water sports, then book a flight to Langkawi before April so you can join the annual Langkawi International Festival. Make sure to have early reservations near Pantai Kok or Pantai Cenang where the beach games and water sports competitions are held. Langkawi is famous for its geoparks and beautiful beaches, but there are other interesting attractions which include museums such as the Galeria Perdana, Rice Museum and the Craft Cultural Complex which houses the Royal Museum, Islamic Museum and Heritage Museum. There is also an open air-museum set within Legenda Park where you can find artificial lakes and monuments. You can see these landmarks by booking Langkawi hotel deals. Another popular island in Malaysia that is famous with it's nature is Penang. If you have extra time, we suggest you to visit this beauty too.


Langkawi has an excellent road network which makes for a pleasant drive around the archipelago; car rental can be pretty expensive. Cheaper options include motorbikes or bicycles which can be rented by the day. There are also regular buses in Langkawi but they can only be found in Pantai Cenang and Kuah. Find cheap hotels in Langkawi nearby public transportation.