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Hotels in Mexico City

Location, Climate

Mexico's capital is Mexico City which is also one of the largest cities in the world. It is situated in the Valley of Mexico and surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. The climate of Mexico City is subtropical highland with wet, hot summers and dry, cold winters. If you prefer warm and dry weather, book a cheap hotel between March to May. Choose from a wide selection of cheap hotels online. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Mexico City hotels.

Brief History

The Mexica people or more commonly known as the Aztecs discovered Mexico City in 1325. The old Mexica city was called Tenochtitlan and there was a story that revealed how the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli led the Mexica people to finding the city.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

One of the most-attended events in Mexico City is the Independence Day “Yell” and Parade. The President or Mayor of the city yells the traditional “Viva Mexico” the night before Independence Day. The big day itself, which is held on September 16, features a military parade that runs from Paseo de la Reforma to Zocalo. The busiest area in Mexico City is the downtown area where one can find many famous landmarks including the Cathedral, Basilica de Guadalupe, Angel de la Independencia, Plaza de la Constitucion and Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi. You can see these landmarks by booking Mexico City hotel deals. During your trip, you can explore some other close destinations to Mexico City such as Puebla and Cuernavaca which draw attention with their historic architecture.


Mexico City has one of the world's largest subway systems and preferred by both locals and tourists. When riding a bus, make sure to choose the RTP (full-sized buses) rather than the microbuses or peseros. Those who plan to go sightseeing can choose the Turibus (hop-in hop-off bus). Taxis are affordable and efficient especially during late hours. Find discount hotels in Mexico City nearby public transportation.