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Location, Climate

Miami is a vibrant city in southeast Florida that is situated at Miami-Dade County and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It has hot summers and short winters caused by the tropical monsoon climate. It is best to avoid going to Miami during the hurricane season from June to November and the wet season from May to October. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Miami hotels. Miami's neighbours are also very popular holiday destinations. We suggest you to visit Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale too.

Brief History

The first inhabitants of Miami were the Tequesta which is a Native American tribe but it was invaded by Spaniards in 1566. The progress of Miami started in 1836 when they built the historic Fort Dallas which was used as a military base.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Miami is well known for its colorful festivals but the most notable event is the Art Basel Miami Beach which is held every December and features more than 300 galleries from different continents, thus dubbing it as the “Olympics of Art”. If you can't attend this event, then you can always check out the exhibits at the Frost Art Museum and Lowe Art Museum. Get ready to be starstruck during your trip to Star Island which is a man-made island in Miami Beach that features the houses of some famous celebrities such as Madonna, Will Smith, Lenny Kravitz and P. Diddy. Miami's kiddie fave attractions include the Venetian Pool, Miami Zoo, Miami Seaquarium and Oleta River State Recreation Park. You can see these landmarks by booking Miami hotel deals.


The most convenient way of getting around Miami is by car. Other ways are the Metro bus and Metrorail. Taxis in Miami are more expensive so it is advisable to just rent a car than get a cab. Find cheap hotels in Miami nearby public transportation.