Reno Hotels

Hotels in Reno

Location, Climate

Reno resembles Las Vegas because of its numerous casinos, hotels, wedding chapels and entertainment venues. It is located in Washoe County in Nevada and experiences a moderate climate. Reno gets packed during summertime so make sure to book a cheap hotel before June to avoid the hassle of reserving cheap hotels. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Reno hotels.

Brief History

Charles Fuller built a bridge over Truckee River after the discovery of gold in Virginia City in mid-1800s. Myron Lake purchased the bridge and land in Reno before the Central Pacific Railroad reached that region. After Myron's negotiation with Charles Crocker, Reno was finally established in 1868 and named in honor of General Jesse Reno.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Spend your summer in Reno to enjoy the numerous events held during the months of June to September. The most popular events include the Reno Rodeo and Reno River Festival in June, the Fourth of July and Lake Tahoe Music Festival in July, the Hot August Nights and Tahoe Blues Fest in August, and the Great Reno Balloon Race and Street Vibrations in September. Learn more about the culture and history of Reno by visiting the Reno Central Library and Nevada Museum of Art. Have fun at the outdoors by heading to Rancho San Rafael Park and Wingfield Park. You can see these landmarks by booking Reno hotel deals. Also visit Crystal Bay which is a natural town with forest and lake.


Find convenience getting around Reno by hiring a taxi. If you want the freedom to explore the area, it is best to rent a car because the streets of Reno are easy to navigate. If you want to save up, you can ride the Greyhound bus or Amtrak train which link Reno to other cities. Find cheap hotels in Reno nearby public transportation.