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Hotels in Reykjavik

Location, Climate

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and also the largest city in the country. This city is situated on the southern part of Faxa Bay and consists of coves, islands, straits and peninsulas. The climate in Reykjavik tends to change a lot but it does not go into extremes meaning that summers are mild and winters are cool. The coldest month in the city is January so it is best to go here during spring season when it is sunny. Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Reykjavik hotels!

Brief History

Iceland's first Nordic settler Ingolfr Arnarson was said to have first stayed in Reykjavik during 870 C.E. No signs of urban development was seen in the city for years not until the city was made into a trading town in 1786 and made it the hub for commerce and government.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

The best time to visit Reykjavik is in August when two of its biggest festivals are held: Culture Night which kicks off with the annual Reykjavík Marathon followed by various cultural activities, concerts and firework displays, and the Gay Pride which features parades, floats and outdoor concert. Since Reykjavik is known to be one of the world's greenest cities, a trip to its parks is a must including the Music Pavillion Park at The Pond and Reykjavik Botanic Garden. Also visit its architectural treasures such at the Reykjavik Cathedral, Church of Hallgrimur and City Hall. Explore more of the city by choosing cheap hotels in Reykjavik. Find the right Reykjavik hotels for you at as it offers the best selection reservations and lowest rates in cheap hotels. You can see these landmarks by booking Reykjavik hotel deals.


Since most of the attractions are located at the city center, it is best to explore them by foot. Another great alternative is riding a bicycle or taking the bus. Taxis here are quite expensive. Find cheap hotels in Reykjavik nearby public transportation.

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