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Location, Climate

Riviera Maya or commonly known as the Mayan Riviera is a popular coastal resort in Mexico. The resort is situated along the Mexican Federal Highway 307 and at the coastline of the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo. Riviera Maya district includes the popular cities such as Playa Del Carmen and Isla De Cozumel. The climate in Riviera Maya is tropical having dry and wet seasons. The peak season in Riviera Maya is from December to April. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Riviera Maya hotels.

Brief History

The resort of Riviera Maya was originally an important religious and commercial center for the Mayans between 1000 and 1550 A.D. It became a busy trade port during the 16th century when the Spaniards arrived in Riviera Maya. Due to lack of roads, there was hardly any growth in the city during the term of the Spaniards but Quintana Roo finally named a territory in 1902 and later on the state of Riviera Maya.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

There are several festivals held in Riviera Maya each year and one of the biggest events is the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. Thousands of jazz lovers gather in Playa del Carmen every November to see some of the best jazz musicians in the world. Since Riviera Maya was inhabited by the Mayans, there are lots of archeological sites in the city that are worth-visiting including those at Coba and Tulum. Riviera Maya also boasts of its ecological parks such as Xcaret, Tres Rios and Xel-Ha. Another popular park is Xplor which features grottos, limestone caves and underground rivers. You can see these landmarks by booking Riviera Maya hotel deals.


The most convenient way of getting around Riviera Maya is to rent a car which can be arranged through your hotel. The cheaper mode of transportation is the local public transport. Find cheap hotels in Riviera Maya nearby public transportation.