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Rodeway Inn Fresno near Chaffee Zoo

6730 N. Blackstone 93710 Fresno

Rodeway Inn Fresno near Chaffee Zoo is a 2 star hotel. The Facility is 9 km from Fresno city center.

By staying at Rodeway Inn Fresno near Chaffee Zoo, you will be close to many attraction and landmarks such as Fresno Community Hospital. Proximity to Yosemite (FAT) Airport is 8 km.

If you're wondering what to do outside of the accommadation place, you can shop in Plaza Shopping Center.

While staying at Rodeway Inn Fresno near Chaffee Zoo, you can take the advantage of the Laundry Service.

Available hotel room facilities include Cable / Satellite Television for your convenience.

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* Amenities and facilities at this hotel include Continental breakfast, an outdoor pool, and laundry facilities.

* At leisure, guests can workout at the well-equipped fitness centre or relax at the jacuzzi available on-site.

* Guests can start off their day with a delicious Cintinental breakfast served at the pleasant ambience of the breakfast room.

* Rodeway Inn Fresno's guestrooms offer microwaves, refrigerators, TVs with cable, and high-speed Internet access.

While we strive to present hotel information as accurately as possible, is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the Rodeway Inn Fresno near Chaffee Zoo.

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  • Laundry Service
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  • Cable / Satellite Television
  • Fresno Air Terminal
    9.5 miles
  • Laser Quest Game Arcade
    0.25 mile
  • Bulldog Stadium
    4 miles
  • The Chaffee Zoo
    9 miles
  • Fresno Fairground
    10 miles
  • Wild Water Park
    10 miles
  • Yosemite National Park
    55 miles