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Hotels in Sao Paulo

Location, Climate

Sao Paulo is an underrated tourist destination in Brazil that offers the best cultural and gastronomy experience. This hidden gem is situated on the Southeast Region and has an unpredictable weather. Book a cheap hotel in August to experience the “little summer” phenomenon where you can get dry, hot days. There are many cheap hotels to choose from online. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Sao Paulo hotels.

Brief History

Tibirica Chief together with Spanish priests Manuel de Nobrega and Jose de Anchieta discovered the small village of Sao Paulo de Piratininga on January 25, 1554. The Jesuit priests named their mission Colegio de Sao Paulo de Piratininga which was aimed to convert the religion of the native Brazilians into Catholic.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Brazil is famous worldwide for having some of the biggest and most extravagant carnivals and Sao Paulo lives up to that expectation by offering its own style of carnival. The Carnival of Sao Paulo is held every Friday and Saturday of the Carnival Week in Brazil and features various samba schools who flaunt their colorful costumes, energetic music and dance skills during the parade. The get panoramic views of the city, head on top of the Banespa Tower or dine on top of the Edificio Italia. The best place to dine, drink, shop and get entertained is along the vibrant Paulista Avenue. You can see these landmarks by booking Sao Paulo hotel deals. Also, there are some other places to explore near Sao Paolo such as Guarulhos and Atibaia.


Purchase the Bilhete Unico (metro smartcard) to pay for a ride using the bus, subway or train. The metro (subway) is preferred by most tourists because it is safe, efficient and affordable. Buses are also cheap, but it is not that fast especially during peak hours. Find cheap hotels in Sao Paulo nearby public transportation.

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