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Location, Climate

After you make your Seminyak hotel reservations, it is best for you to know better about where you are going. So, here are the facts about Seminyak. Seminyak is a busy village in the north of Kuta and Legian. The climate of the city is tropical. It features sunny days and a warm weather. However there are heavy showers between December and March, the monsoon season. You will experience cooler temperatures and less humidity between June and September. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Seminyak hotels.

Brief History

First settlers of the city are thought to be migrated from China around 2500 BC. There are also Hindu artifacts found here dating back to the 1st century suggesting that the main religion was Buddhism around 500 AD.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

There are many Seminyak city hotels in its most popular districts, offering you an unforgettable vacation. There are also some other things which will amaze you here. The beaches in the city are really popular. The scenery is unique and enjoying the sea and the sun is priceless here. Pura Petitenget is a Balinese temple, known for its spectacular beach-side ceremonies. The temple has been here since the 16th century. You should try scuba diving here. There are some tour companies taking you to trips of one day or a week. It can be said that Seminyak is the spa capital of Bali. SPA is an expensive treatment, but be sure that you will pay almost the half price of what you would pay in western countries. You should also attend some other activities such as bungee jumping or surfing here. You can see these landmarks by booking Seminyak hotel deals. Explore more of the city by choosing cheap hotels in Seminyak. Find the right Seminyak hotels for you at as it offers the best selection reservations and lowest rates in cheap hotels.


If you search for discount hotels in Seminyak, you search for the best way to travel here. There is a big traffic jam here, so, you should rent a bike or motorbike to explore the city easily. It is also recommended to walk around. Find cheap hotels in Seminyak nearby public transportation.

Seminyak Paradiso in Seminyak
Seminyak Paradiso

Seminyak Paradiso is a special class hotel. The Facility is 0.4 km from Seminyak city center.While staying at Seminyak Paradiso, you can take the adva...


$ 28,00


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Haven in Seminyak

Haven is a 4 star hotel. The Facility is 0.4 km from Seminyak city center.


$ 85,00


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The Kayana Villa in Seminyak
The Kayana Villa

The Kayana Villa is a 5.0 star hotel. The Facility is 0.4 km from Seminyak city center.


$ 196,00

  • Private plunge pool
  • Private bathroom
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Phone

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