Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh

Location, Climate

Sharm el Sheikh is a glorious city in Egypt. It is situated in the Sinai Peninsula along the Red Sea and convergence of Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez. Sharm el Sheikh enjoys many sunny days and has two distinct seasons. Most tourists prefer booking cheap hotels in Sharm el Sheikh between September and November when the weather is pleasant. Book a cheap hotel online and get instant confirmation. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Sharm el Sheikh hotels.

Brief History

Sharm el Sheikh served as the base of local fishermen during its early history. The nearest settlers was found along the Tiran Straits. The city started to progress in 1967 due to the presence of the Israelis who built many commercial establishments, but the Egyptians took over the development of Sharm el Sheikh in 1982.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Have a unique holiday in Sharm el Sheikh by attending the Coptic Christmas and Islamic New Year in January. Witness colorful parades, live music, theater shows, banquets and numerous parties during these events. Sharm el Sheikh has some of the best diving spots in the world including the Yolanda Reef and Shark Reef at Ras Mohammed National Park and Jackson Reef at the Straits of Tiran. For more underwater adventures, visit the SS Thistlegorm wreck diving site. You can see these landmarks by booking Sharm el Sheikh hotel deals. If you have extra days you can also visit another coastal town Dahab to have a great time.


Driving a car or hiring a car with a driver is the best option since fuel prices are cheap in Sharm el Sheikh. To get to farther destinations, you can ride the bus which is both affordable and efficient. Just make sure to inform the driver where you are planning to stop and have exact change. Find cheap hotels in Sharm el Sheikh nearby public transportation.