Cheap Hotels in Stockholm

Hotels in Stockholm

Location, Climate

Sweden's capital city is Stockholm which consists of 14 islands that were linked by around 50 bridges over Lake Malaren. The climate in Stockholm is milder than other cities with high northerly latitude. Winters are cold and autumns have frequent rainfalls. The best time to visit Stockholm is during summer and spring. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Stockholm hotels.

Brief History

The city of Stockholm was first mentioned in Birger Jarl's letter to King Valdemar in 1252 but it did not give any information about the city. But during the 13th century, Stockholm gained recognition as being Sweden's largest city and political center.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Stockholm hosts several festivals each year ranging from music and film to gay parades. The most attended event in the city is the annual Stockholm International Film Festival which is held every November and also features an open-air cinema at Tantolunden. Stockholm boasts of its UNESCO World Heritage sites: Skogskyrkogarden or also known as the Woodland Cemetery and the Drottningholm Palace which is the home of Swedish royalty. Go back in time by visiting the Gamla Stan where you can find many historical attractions including The Great Church, Riddarholmen Church, Royal Palace, Bonde Palace and Nobel Museum. The most popular family destination in Stockholm is Tivoli Grona Lund which is a huge amusement park in Djurgarden island. You can see these landmarks by booking Stockholm hotel deals. We also strongly recommend you to visit Uppsala that is a close neighbour of Stockholm.


There are lots of public transportation options in Stockholm and the most convenient and fastest are the subway, train and bus. Another great alternative is cycling because there are lots of bike paths in the city. Taxis are pretty expensive in Stockholm. Find cheap hotels in Stockholm nearby public transportation.