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Hotels in Tel Aviv

Location, Climate

Tel Aviv is a premiere tourist destination in Israel. It is situated along the Israeli coastal plain and just a few kilometers away from Haifa and Jerusalem. The climate of Tel Aviv is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. It is not advisable to book a cheap hotel during winter because of the thunderstorms and heavy rain. Find the perfect accommodation for you by choosing from a wide range of cheap hotels online. We hope the weather will be fine when you are staying at Tel Aviv hotels.

Brief History

The name of the city was given by Nahum Sokolow who suggested that name based on the Mesopotamian site mentioned in the Bible. Out of 1910 names including Herzliya, Tel Aviv was chosen because those Hebrew words mean man-made mound (tel) and spring (aviv) which symbolizes renewal.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

One of the most celebrated even in Tel Aviv is the White Night Festival which is usually held in June or July. This event celebrates the proclamation of White City as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Some of the main landmarks in Tel Aviv include the Old Jaffa, Dizengoff Centre, Rabin Square, Joshua Gardens and Rothschild Boulevard. There are also attractions suited for children such as The Meimadyon and Luna Park. While in Israel you can also pay a visit to the historical Jerusalem which has many art and architecture works that are known worldwide. You can see these landmarks by booking Tel Aviv hotel deals.


The most used public transportation in Tel Aviv is the bus service because it is cheap and accessible. Taxis can either be hailed in the street or booked by phone with additional pay. Van-sized taxis are cheaper than regular taxis and faster than buses. Riding a bicycle is a good option because of the flat roads, mild weather and bike paths. Find cheap hotels in Tel Aviv nearby public transportation.

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