Triton Empire Inn

Hospital & Sayed Korrayem St., Hurghada - Red Sea - Egypt Hurghada

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Triton Empire Inn Hospital & Sayed Korrayem St., Hurghada - Red Sea - Egypt Hurghada
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Triton Empire Inn is a special class hotel.

By staying at Triton Empire Inn, you will be close to many attraction and landmarks such as El Gouna.

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he Three Corners Triton Empire Inn, neighbouring The Three Corners Triton Hotel, is ideally located in heart of Hurghada, only meters away for a private beach and in the middle of a huge shopping center.
This location, in the centre of the downtown area of Hurghada, gives you the possibility to enjoy everything what is available at the Red Sea: puzzling city-life or tasting from the natural wonders of the so nearby Red Sea.

Hurghada, known in Egypt as 'Ghardaga', was at one time just a simple fishing village. It has gone on to become the foremost tourist resort of the Red Sea coast and an international center for aquatic sports.
Hurghada is world renowned as a center for some of the world's best diving. Within a couple of hours from your hotel you can be amongst a group of islands that are the home to dive sites guaranteed to astound even the most experienced divers.
Hurghada is also known as a party town where life begins at night in the many clubs. And of course, Hurghada is also a beach resort, where thousands flock with their families to enjoy the sumptuous Egyptian sun.

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