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Hotels in Wellington

Location, Climate

Planning your vacation to Wellington? Here are some things you should know about the city. It is the capital and the second most populous city of New Zealand; on a map, you’ll find it on the Southern edge of the Northern Island. Its inhabitants like to call the city various nicknames, and this is how Wellington came to be known as Welly, Windy, Wellywood, or even Harbour City. The climate here is perfect for sun lovers: with 169 sunny days per year, your tan will not get white here! However, the city is known to be very windy and during winter the southern blasts can make the temperature feel really cold. Usually, the average temperature in July is 6-11 degrees Celsius and in January it is 13-20 degrees Celsius. The degrees can go up to 31 during hotter days, though… Otel hopes you’ll enjoy wonderful weather while staying at Wellington hotels!

Brief History

How did the English county of Somerset, Wellington, came to be adopted by a city on the other side of the world? Well, New Zealand’s capital bears the name of the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. However, in Maori Wellington is known under three names: Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara (or The Great Harbour of Tara), Pōneke (transliteration of Port Nick), and Te Upoko-o-te-Ika-a-Māui (The Head of the Fish of Maui). It is said that Kupe discovered New Zealand and the area of Wellington in the 10th century. Europeans came here much later, in 1839, and in 1865 Wellington was officially called capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is known to be a city with a high seismic activity because a fault passes right through its middle.

Events, Landmarks, Activities

Wellington is proud to be the “coolest little capital of the world”, as it was marketed by Positively Wellington Tourism. Visiting the city, you will discover an array of 150 years old architecture, from the traditional European-looking 19th century wooden cottages, to the refined Art Deco structures. Some examples include the old Wellington Free Ambulance Headquarters, the Italianate Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, and the oldest building in Wellington, the 1858 Colonial Cottage in Mount Cook. The city is also home to a myriad of cultural events and celebrations, including the New Zealand International Arts Festival and the Wellington Jazz Festival. You can see these landmarks by booking Wellington hotel deals.


Bus transportation includes diesel run buses and 9 trolleybuses routes – they are the only remaining public system in Oceania. Wellington is the only New Zealand city which is working with electric suburban trains. The Wellington International Airport is 6 km south-east from the city, and if you care to have a ride on the ocean, the harbour is at your disposal at any time. Find cheap hotels in Wellington nearby public transportation.