Terms & Conditions

General Booking Terms & Conditions

As part of the MetGlobal group of companies, otel.com was established in February 2004 and has swiftly grown to be one of the top providers of discounted hotel bookings on the internet. Use of the otel.com website is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must refrain from using the website.

E-mail Accounts

It is the responsibility of the person making the booking ensuring that they have entered the correct e-mail address. As all e-mail correspondence can be checked from the website by logging into “My Account”, otel.com will not accept any responsibility for any messages that have not been read by the client.

If our e-mail has been sent to your Junk or Bulk mail folder, you can prevent this from happening again by opening our e-mail and clicking on ‘Not spam’ or ‘This is not spam’ button.

Rates , Payment and Payment Method

otel.com collects the payments via its contracted payment provider Paytrek UK Ltd. therefore, our company name will appear as Paytrek UK Ltd./otel.com on your card statement.

Paytrek UK Ltd’s contact information is as follows:


Coppergate House Business Centre, 16 Brune Street, London, E1 7NJ

The United Kingdom

You hereby acknowledge the payment method and agree that no claims in connection with the services provided by otel.com shall be asserted to Paytrek UK Ltd. which solely acts as an intermediary payment provider.

Rate displays on our website can be viewed and charged in up to 15 different currencies. Some credit card providers may charge an International Transaction fee. This fee is passed on some credit card providers because the charge for your booking has been processed outside of the country that you reside in. Please note that the charge has not been passed on by otel.com and that we cannot be held responsible for any international transaction charges passed on by your credit card issuer. For any other currencies that are not in the currency selection; the default currency for charges will be EUR, USD or TRY. The actual currency and amount that will be charged will be shown to you on the actual Booking page.

otel.com cannot be held responsible for currency exchange rates or bank surcharges whatever the circumstances.

Once you have accepted the cancellation policy for your booking as well as our terms and conditions, your credit card will be charged for the total cost at booking time.

The amount for your booking DOES NOT include any applicable charges for optional incidentals (such as minibar snacks or telephone calls).

Rates displayed on the otel.com website are subject to currency fluctuations. There may be slight variations in the published rates on a daily basis that will reflect any movement in the currency exchange rates. Once a booking has been booked and confirmed at the rates you have accepted, there is no refund for the price difference because rates can be updated daily.

If submit a Diners Club, American Express and JCB credit card for payment of your booking, the transaction will be charged in a different currency to the one in which your booking rates were quoted. The cost of your booking is converted using our bank’s exchange rates on the day of the transaction. otel.com can not be held responsible for currency exchange rates or bank surcharges whatever the circumstances.

Pay at Hotel

For Pay at Hotel bookings, the hotel requires a valid credit card to guarantee the booking in the event that you don’t turn up or make a late cancellation. The hotel has the right to pre-authorize your credit card and ensure that the card has sufficient funds.The hotel will determine the actual currency for charges.Please note that some hoteliers may capture some part of total amount upfront. If the booking is nonrefundable then the hotel will charge the whole amount in FULL at the time of booking.

International Transaction Fees

The majority of credit card providers charge some sort of an International Transaction fee. This can be as much as 3% although Capital One not only doesn’t impose its own fee, but it also eats the 1% fee that Visa or MasterCard impose.

This rate may increase up to 7% according to your bank’s own terms. This fee is passed on certain credit card providers because the charge for your booking has been processed outside of the country that you reside in. Please note that the charge has not been passed on by otel.com and that we cannot be held responsible for any international transaction charges passed on by your credit card issuer.

In addition, some transaction fees with certain rates are imposed on MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover Card and Diners Club credit cards with respect to the type of the card while there is not such an implementation considering the debit cards. This happens only when the card type is not identified. The transaction fee imposed when you have been charged or refunded for the booking is also outside of the scope of otel.com`s responsibility.

Proof of ID

To protect the credit card holder and when a booking has been made by a 3rd party otel.com reserves the right to request proof of ID from the cardholder as well as a signed authorization form.

This security measure is not to cause any inconvenience but merely to protect the credit card holder against any credit card misuse.

Promotion Codes

The maximum amount of credits of a discount code may be lower than the value of that discount code depending on your selected hotel and room type. For such cases, the maximum credit amount will be applied and the remaining credits can be used for a future reservation. Discount codes cannot be combined with any other promotions and offers. otel.com reserves the right to change this implementation and hotel rates offered for discount codes at any time.

Room Types and Specific Requests

While we undertake to ensure that your requested room type and smoking preference is available, otel.com cannot guarantee the actual bedding make-up of the room. These requests are sent to the hotel and are subject to availability.

It is the responsibility of the person making the booking ensuring that the room type booked will be suitable for the party travelling.

We try to ensure that the hotel provides the room type(s) booked; however, there may be occasions when instead of a double-bedded room a twin may be allocated or a double-bedded room instead of a twin. Please be aware that the majority of European hotels provide 2 single beds pushed together to make a double bed, and please note that otel.com cannot be held responsible for the actual size of the room, the extra beds etc. While all room type preferences are forwarded to the hotel, room allocation is done by the hotel and subject to availability at the time of check in.

Hotel Information and Facilities

Hotel information: While otel.com strives to present hotel information as accurately as possible, we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information or for any facilities that may or may not be available at the hotel during your stay or not suited to individual tastes and preferences. Redecoration, renovations and maintenance are necessary to the upkeep of the hotel and may take place without prior warning; however, the hotelier or supplier will endeavour to keep inconvenience to a minimum. The effects of normal wear and tear can be expected in a hotel and these are beyond our control. otel.com cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance or inconvenience to the client beyond its control nor for accidents or loss in a hotel caused by hotel management or staff.

The hotel and guest room photographs are provided to give a general overview of the hotel. Guest room photographs may be of a different category to the one you book and not identical to the room you are allocated at the hotel.

Additional Charges Made by the Hotel

otel.com has no control over any extra charges that a hotel may decide to their implement for guest room incidentals such as air conditioning, safe, mini fridge, hire of television remote etc... Any such charges must be paid direct to the hotel and otel.com cannot be held responsible for any incidental charges passed on by the hotel.

Likewise, otel.com has no control over any fees that a hotel may pass on for luggage storage, Sauna, spa and swimming pool use, car parking fees etc…

During the festive season, essentially Christmas and the New Year, there are hotels which impose a compulsory gala and guests must pay any supplement for the gala dinner. Our company is not always informed about Gala dinner supplements and otel.com cannot be held responsible for any gala supplements passed on by the hotel.

Service Fee

Some providers may charge different service fees for certain itineraries. However, if there is any change for service fee, we will inform you with the Updated Service Fee prior to charge.

Resort Fees

Some hotels do charge a resort fee which must be paid to the hotel directly e.g. the USA, Italy, ...

otel.com is not responsible for resort fee charges and have no control over their implementation.

City Tax, Tourist Tax, Local Taxes and Stay Tax

Since we are constantly expanding our destinations, this has meant that some properties have different policies regarding taxes, whether city, tourist or local. Our rates have always included any applicable hotel taxes but tourist and local taxes, which generally include the use of local services in this case, will have to be paid directly to the hotel. Sometimes this information is on the prepaid voucher. Any applicable city, tourist or other tax is collected by the hotel at the time of check out.

Check-in Age Limit

All of the hotels on the otel.com website require one of the guests to be at least 18 years old. In some states of America, there are higher age limits. If you have booked a hotel in the Unites States and the travellers are under 25 years of age please contact the hotel directly for clarification.

Changes in Published Rates

otel.com reserves the right to correct any pricing or displayed errors and/or commissions. This includes errors and/or commissions from a supplier or hotelier.

In the event of a price error and/or commission, ,Otel.com has right to keep the booking at the correct rates, cancelling the booking or subject to availability offering you a suitable alternative hotel. This applies to both confirmed and on request bookings.

Not all of the hotel rates are applicable for the local market and in such cases the hotel is within their rights to change the rates without prior notice.

Fair Events and Special Dates of Travel

Over certain periods such as sporting, festival and fairs hotels may impose strict restrictions regarding cancellation and conditions of stay. It is possible that these changes may be advised to us after the booking has been confirmed.

Cancellations and Amendments

Cancellations and amendments will not be accepted over the telephone and must be made in writing through the otel.com website by logging into the 'My Account' page. You should make sure you are familiar with the cancellation policy for the hotel you have booked by checking the information on your hotel voucher.

Amendments are subject to availability and if you want to change the dates of stay, then the rates can be subject to an increase or decrease.

Pay at Hotel bookings does not accept amendments. You will need to cancel your existing booking and make a new booking.

In case we book your hotel through Expedia

a) Cancellation Policy – The Customers agree that the accommodation booking made is subject to the cancellation policy set out in the booking page. (b) Contracting Party – The Customer acknowledges and agrees that: Travelscape, LLC or Vactionspot, SL is the supplier to the Customer in respect of any EU E-Collect Room and (ii)MetGlobal is the supplier in respect of any other EAN Travel Products. (c) Personal Data – The Customer agrees that MetGlobal may transfer personal data belonging to the Customer and other persons on behalf of whom the Customer is making a booking of EAN Travel Products to EAN and/or its Corporate Affiliates for the purposes of facilitating the booking and providing after sales support (if any) of those EAN Travel Products.


Refunds will be processed in the currency charged. For example, if you do not reside in a € or $ participating country, when checking your credit card statement you must allow for currency exchange fluctuation which may occur. otel.com cannot be held responsible for changes in currency exchange rates.

Please allow 7 or 15 business days for the refund to reflect on your credit card statement. Kindly note that the refunds will be processed by banks. otel.com can not be held responsible for this process.

Hotel Accommodation and Complaints

Part of the enjoyment of overseas travel is experiencing local customs and not expecting a real 'Home from home' experience. Guest rooms facilities and decoration will vary from country to country. Scandinavian guest rooms, for example, tend to be simply furnished while London guest rooms are famous for being compact!

Complaints: Any complaint which cannot be resolved at the hotel must be notified in writing to otel.com within 3 days of the check out date. A copy of the complaint must be also submitted to and signed by the hotel manager.

However, if there is something which can not be resolved at the hotel during reservation period it is better to inform us to get a quick resolution.

otel.com always tries to solve your problem within 5-15 workdays. Please note that this period of time may extend in accordance with the nature of the query.

Hotel Unable to Provide the Accommodation Booked

If the original hotel booked is closed, overbooked or has maintenance problems and/or cannot provide the room(s) booked. You accept that the hotelier or supplier is responsible for finding you alternative accommodation of a similar standard. Where we have prior notice we will contact you by e-mail.

In case there are any bookouts, otel.com is responsible for offering only one alternate hotel. More than one alternate hotel will be optional. otel.com constantly tries to find hotels in the desired area but this situation can change according to the consistency of the city (big events, conferences, festivals can sometimes take place in the city). This means otel.com may offer far-away alternatives.

A booking is considered to be a group booking when there will be 10 or more pax travelling. otel.com reserve the right to cancel any FIT booking made for a group or if we consider them to have been made for the purpose of holding space for future sale. Please submit your group request using the otel.com group page. Any booking that is considered a group that the applicable rates and terms & conditions will be applied.

otel.com accepts no liability for any losses or costs that might occur as a result of relocation as this is completely beyond our control.

Map Information

Maps are provided for information purposes only. While otel.com strives to present hotel and map information as accurately as possible, we do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information or for any errors and/or commissions. We suggest that you contact the hotel directly to obtain the most current and complete location information and directions.


The otel.com website is for legitimate bookings only. Anyone found to have used a credit card of which they have no authorised use will be liable to prosecution.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking that is deemed not to be legitimate.

When you contact us we will reply to your query within 5 days.

Depending upon the nature of your query please allow up to 20 working days especially in the case of past booking queries for the situation to be looked into and concluded.


Invoice for all Pay at Hotel bookings will be provided directly by the hotel.


otel.com will not be responsible for any missed transfers if the information on the transfer voucher has not been followed and the local agent has not been contacted to re-confirm the transfer.

Affiliates Terms & Conditions

By purchasing an EPS product, you agree to be bound by EPS terms and conditions.


We have partnered with Gezi.com; in order to collect and process hotel reviews and ratings written by you. We believe that ratings & reviews are best managed by an independent third party service and your reviews and ratings will be published at otel.com, gezi.com and gezi.com’s partner websites for a wider global audience. otel.com might share only limited information with gezi.com during the review collection process and for this purpose only. We will never share your payment details with any third party service.

Security and Privacy

When visiting our website a record of your visit is logged.
Our company operates secure servers to minimise the risk of unauthorised credit card use.

otel.com guarantees that all sensitive information e.g. your name, address, and credit card number will be protected with the best security practices available when exchanged over the internet. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology we use ensures the privacy and security of all transactions. SSL technology encrypts data before it is transmitted so that only the authorised recipient can have access to it. otel.com is a trusted GlobalSign secure site. We use GlobalSign digital certificates with all transactions. otel.com is also PCI Level 1 compliant. You may verify our status with GlobalSign independently by visiting the GlobalSign website.


Roomer Travel Inc. ('Roomer', 'we', 'our', or the 'Company') hereby offers you ('User', 'You') to purchase a Cancellation Option (as defined below) also known as 'RoomerFlex™', that will allow You to effectively cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to check in date (local hotel time) and receive a refund of 80% of your total booking fee, all subject to these Terms and Conditions ('T&C'). By purchasing the Cancellation Option, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be legally bound by these T&C and our Privacy Policy, which is hereby incorporated by reference (collectively, this 'Agreement').

1. Definitions:

In these T&C, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning set forth below:

'Activation of the Cancellation Option' shall mean Your activation of the Cancellation Option, following which You shall be entitled to receive the Refund.

'Cancellation Option' shall mean an Option offered by Roomer under these T&C and made available for purchase, which enables You, upon the Activation of the Cancellation Option, to receive a Refund from Roomer.

'Cancellation Option Fee' shall mean the purchase price of the Cancellation Option, which is determined by Roomer and is indicated on the booking page of a Reservation.

'Refund' shall mean an amount equal to 80% of the Reservation Price.

'Reservation' shall mean the booking of a hotel reservation which is nonrefundable or cannot be cancelled in accordance with its terms.

'Reservation Price' shall mean the price paid by You for the Reservation, Excluding the Cancellation Option Fee.

2. What will You receive a Refund for:

A User that paid the Cancellation Option Fee upon the booking of the Reservation and later Activated the Cancellation Option in accordance with the terms herein, shall be entitled to receive the Refund, subject to the transfer of all rights in Your Reservation to Roomer. YOU MAY ACTIVATE THE CANCELLATION OPTION UP TO 24 HOURS BEFORE THE CHECK-IN DATE (LOCAL HOTEL TIME), PROVIDED THAT ACTIVATION LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE CHECK-IN DATE (LOCAL HOTEL TIME), SHALL NOT BE INVOKED AND YOU SHALL NOT BE ENTITLED TO RECEIVE THE REFUND.

3. How to Activate the Cancellation Option:

The Activation of the Cancellation Option can be made via (a) the mail sent to You upon purchase of the Cancellation Option; in the mail there is a button which allows You to activate the Cancellation Option subject to the Terms and Conditions; (b) by contacting Roomer’s help desk at help@life-happens.com or +1 (855) 445 1327 at least 24 hours before the check-in time (date and hour) of the reservation.

4. When will You Receive the Refund:

Following the Activation of the Cancellation Option, the Refund will be paid to You by Roomer within 14 days of the Activation of the Cancellation Option. The refund shall be made to Your bank account or PayPal account, at your choice.

5. What You will Not receive a Refund for:

You shall not be entitled to receive a Refund upon:

Detection by Roomer of fraudulent activity in connection with the Cancellation Option and/or the Reservation. In order to prevent any fraudulent activity with respect to the Activation of the Cancellation Option and/or misuse of the Reservation, we hereby expressly state and caution that a User that will misuse the Cancellation Option, by, among other things, attempting to utilize the Reservation following the Activation of the Cancellation Option, shall automatically lose his right to receive the Refund and the Cancellation Option Fee paid to purchase the Cancellation Option shall not be returned and/or refunded.

Activation of the Cancellation Option less than 24 hours before the check-in date (local hotel time) of the Reservation.

6. General Conditions:

These T&C do not, and shall not be construed as creating any partnership, joint venture, employer-employee, agency, or franchisor-franchisee relationship between the parties hereto. Any claim relating to the Cancellation Option and/or this Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, without reference to its conflict-of-laws principles. Any dispute arising out of or related to the Cancellation Option and/or this Agreement will be brought in, and You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in, the competent courts of England and Wales. These T&C may be amended by Roomer from time to time in its sole discretion. In the event that any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, then such portion shall be construed in accordance with the applicable law as nearly as possible to reflect the original intentions of the parties, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. You may not assign this Agreement. No waiver shall be effective unless in writing. Neither the course of conduct between parties nor trade practice shall act to modify any provision of this Agreement.

Privacy Policy (Effective as of April 2016)

This privacy policy (the 'Privacy Policy') relates to the information collection and use practices of Roomer in connection with the Cancellation Option also known as 'RoomerFlex™.' Capitalised terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning set forth in the T&C.

Information We Collect

When You Activate the Cancellation Option, you will be asked to provide us with certain personal information, such as Your PayPal account information or bank account information, and other payment related information. In this Privacy Policy, we refer to all personal information that You provide to us or that we otherwise obtain as set forth herein as Personal Information.

The third party partner through which You purchase the Cancellation Option ('Third Party Partner') also provides us with Personal Information that You have provided to such Third Party Partner. Such Personal Information includes but is not limited to, Your email address, contact information and any other information required for the Activation of the Cancellation Option. You authorise us to collect, store, and use, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, any and all such Personal Information. This Privacy Policy governs our use of this personal information; it does not govern, and we have no control over and will have not responsibility or liability for collection or use of Your personal information by the Third Party Partner.

How We Use Your Information

We will use Your Personal Information for the following purposes:

• To respond to Your requests and inquiries and to provide You with the services in connection with the

Cancellation Option;

• For marketing purposes; and

• As otherwise specifically described in this Privacy Policy.

We may analyse Your Personal Information in an aggregate form that does not identify You personally. We may share this aggregate data with our affiliates, agents, and business partners, without restriction, on commercial terms that Roomer can determine in its sole discretion.

We, like many businesses, sometimes hire other companies to perform certain business-related functions.

Examples include mailing information, maintaining databases, hosting services, and processing payments. When we employ another company to perform a function of this nature, we provide them with the information that they need to perform their specific function, which may include Personal Information. If we or all or substantially all of our assets are acquired, we expect that the information that we have collected, including Personal Information, would be transferred along with our other business assets.

We may disclose Your information, including Personal Information, to government authorities, and to other third parties when compelled to do so by government authorities, at our discretion, or otherwise as required by law, including but not limited to in response to court orders and subpoenas. We also may disclose such information when we have reason to believe that someone is or may be causing injury to or interference with our rights or property, other Users, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities.

How We Protect Your Information

We take commercially reasonable steps to protect Your information from loss, misuse, and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Please understand, however, that no security system is impenetrable. We cannot guarantee the security of our databases, nor can we guarantee that the information You supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted to and from us over the Internet. In particular, e-mail sent to or from us may not be secure, and You should, therefore, take special care in deciding what information You send to us via e-mail.

Accessing and Modifying Personal Information and Communication Preferences

You may access, review, and make changes to your Personal Information by e-mailing us at help@life-happens.com. In addition, you may manage your receipt of marketing and non-transactional communications by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link located on the bottom of our marketing email or by emailing us at help@life-happens.com. You cannot opt out of receiving transactional e-mails related to Your Cancellation option. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to process such requests in a timely manner. You should be aware, however, that it is not always possible to completely remove or modify information in our subscription databases.

Transfer of Personal Information of European Union Citizens

If You are a European Union citizen, we may transfer Your Personal Information from the European Union (EU) to the United States (US), or another country that the European Commission has determined does not ensure an adequate level of protection for such Personal Information. We will use such Personal Information only as necessary to perform our services in connection with Your Cancellation Option.


We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13. If you are under 13, please do not give us any Personal Information. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s Internet usage and to help enforce our Privacy Policy by instructing their children to never provide Personal Information through the internet without their permission. If you have reason to believe that a child under the age of 13 has provided Personal Information to us, please contact us, and we will endeavour to delete that information from our databases.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of the date stated at the top of this Privacy Policy. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time with or without notice to You. By using the Cancellation Option after we make any such changes to this Privacy Policy, You are deemed to have accepted such changes. Please refer back to this Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

How to Contact Us

If You have questions about this Privacy Policy, please send us a message to help@life-happens.com or call us at 1 (855) 445 1327.


otel.com does not accept liability for any errors and/or commissions and reserves the right to change the information published at any time and without prior notice.

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